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Add your own block subtitle – The demand and use of web-based services are increasing day by day, but most of the users are unaware of cyber threats and malicious sites. To protect yourself from the dangers of malware, you should get Norton. Users can easily reach the website of Norton at Get your system protected through Norton setup using 25 digits of product key by selecting your desired subscription.


Physical Location

Can Websites Track Your Physical Location?

A public IP address is given to the user by the internet service provider. The address is used for all the devices of your home and is unique on the internet. In simpler words, whenever you open a website.

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iPhone and iPad

Locking Notes on iPhone and iPad

You’re well familiar with the software update policy by Apple. With every update, there comes changes and improvements in the working of a device. Therefore, the Notes app has too become essential for iOS and iPadOS users.

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Code 0x800704c

Fix Xbox One X Error Code 0x800704cf.

Xbox One is one of the most famous home video gaming consoles. It is packed with features and houses the Xbox Store. You can connect it with a compatible monitor or TV.

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